SSP Scholarship 2022-2023 Application – Eligibility, How to Apply

SSP Scholarship is an initiative given by the Centre for e-Governance, Government of Karnataka . This is a state scholarship portal to provide various pre-matric and post-matric scholarships.

The State scholarship Portal was created to provide financial aid to deserving students that might not be able to finance their education. Thereby encouraging education and helping students to become independent. The scholarship is offered by the Welfare Department, Social Welfare Department, Backward Classes Welfare Department and the Minorities Welfare Department.

This scholarship is accessible to students from class 1 to PhD level. The initiative encourages EBC students to complete their education. Interested aspirants that are eligible should apply for the scholarship. The eligible applicants would be selected according to their financial status and family income. These selected people would be listed every year with important notifications. Read the article to know how SSP scholarship works.

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What Is SSP Scholarship?

SSP scholarship is an initiative that was created by the Government of Karnataka to provide financial help to the deserving students of the state in pursuing their interested course of education. The scholarship is for pre-matric and post-matric studies. That being said, the scholarship is eligible for class 1 to PhD students.

List of Scholarships Under SSP

The different departments of the Government of Karnataka offer different programs under the SSP scheme initiative. The different programs are for post-matric and pre-matric students according to their credentials.
These programs are discussed below;

Tribal welfare department

This department under the Government of Karnataka, offers a Pre-matric scholarship program for ST students.
The department also offers a Post-matric scholarship program for ST aspirants.

Minorities welfare department

The minorities welfare department offers a Pre-matric scholarship and Post-matric scholarship programs under the SSP scholarship initiative with fee reimbursement Merit-cum-means scholarship.

Social welfare department

This department, as an extension of the Government of Karnataka, offers Pre-matric scholarship program for SC students post-matric scholarship program for SC students. These programs are under the SSP Scholarship initiative.

The Backward class welfare department

This department offers the following programs under the State scholarship Portal initiative.

  • Fee concession scheme
  • pre-matric scholarship
  • Post-matric scholarship
  • Vidyasiri scholarship
  • Nursing student stipend and fee concession

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What Are The Eligibility Criteria For SSP Scholarship 2022?

The scholarship officials have specified the requirements for the post-matric and pre-matric scholarship. However, the basic criteria is that the applicant has to be someone that needs financial assistance. All applicants must fulfill the eligibility criteria to be shortlisted for the scholarship. If the applicant does not fit into these criteria at any stage of the selection, he or she would be disqualified from the scholarship. If there is any issue of ineligibility, students can contact the authority to avoid any confusion and disqualification. We discussed the eligibility criteria for the various sections of this scholarship below.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria for SSP Pre-Matric Scholarship?

The following criteria are important for students applying for SSP Pre-matric scholarships.

The applicant must belong to SC/ST/OBC/Central OBC/minority community or General category (financially weak).

  • For the SSP pre-matric scholarships, only students from class 1 to class 10 are eligible.
  • The pass mark of the qualifying exam for pre-matric SSP scholarship is 50% and above. Only applicants with this score would be considered for the scholarship.
  • Students from families that earn less than INR 1 lakh are eligible to apply.
  • Also, students whose parents are involved in low occupations are eligible for this scholarship.
  • The applicant must have had more than 75% attendance in his previous class.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria for SSP Post-Matric Scholarships?

The following criteria should be fulfilled by applicants for SSP post-matric scholarships.

  • Applicants that belong to the SC/ST/OBC/Central OBC/minority community or General category (financially weak) are eligible.
  • Students in class 11/12 and students pursing type courses are eligible for this scholarship.
  • The pass mark of the qualifying exam for SSP post-matric scholarship is 50% and above. Applicants with this score are eligible for the scholarship.
  • Applicant was be a permanent resident of Karnataka.
  • The applicant should be from a family whose annual family income is less than INR 2 lakh from all the economic sources.
  • 30% of the scholarship amount is reserved for female applicants.
  • If two boys from the same family apply for this scholarship, there is a higher chance if getting shortlisted. However, this does not apply to girls.
  • Only applicants who fulfill the eligibility conditions can apply for the SSP scholarships. To apply, students should provide the necessary documents via students can register at the SSP portal. As per the eligibility, students can apply for the pre-matric or post-matric scholarship. Ineligible student would be rejected or disqualified from the initiative.

How To Apply For SSP Scholarship 2022-2023

Step 1: Registration

  • To register for the SSP scholarships, visit the official SSP initiative website of SSP
  • Tap on ‘create an account and choose between the ‘pre-matric or post-matric’ check box.
  • Fill in the SATS ID and choose ‘get data’. Then the details of the students from SATS will be displayed on the screen.
  • If you have entered the correct details, click on ‘yes’ and continue. If you made a mistake in the previous typing, click ‘no’ and re-enter the right SATS ID to see your SATS details.
  • Enter your mobile numbers and click on ‘submit’ to receive an OTP which would confirm the number.
  • You would have to confirm the OTP to change the password and click on ‘submit.’
  • The registration is completed once the applicant receives a user id and password on the mobile number he/she entered.

Step 2: State scholarship Portal Login And Application Process

  • Type in your user id and password to login into the SSP scholarship portal.
  • Your account page would be displayed on the screen.
  • Fill in the aadhaar details, NSP ID, income and caste certificate and other details that are important on the account page.
  • Then Click on ‘save and proceed’.
  • The next page, which is the acknowledgement page, will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on ‘E-Sign’ if the parent’s of the applicant have an aadhaar card.
  • OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number. Applicants must confirm the OTP to complete the application process.
  • The students will also need to upload the specified documents along with the form.

Documents Required For SSP Scholarship Aplication

The following documents are required while applying for SSP Pre-matric scholarship;

  • Caste certificate
  • Income certificate
  • SATS identification number

The following documents are required while applying for SSP Post-matric scholarship;

  • Fee receipt
  • Mark sheet
  • Study certificate/bonafide certificate
  • Income certificate of the parents
  • Hotel stay certificate

Note: These documents are to be e-attested the documents for the post-matric scholarship before being uploaded.

Selection Process Of SSP Scholarship

The applicants are selected for the scholarship based on merit, eligibility and financial status. If two or more applicants are from the same family, the officials would prioritize the older one for the scholarship.

The reward will cover the course fee and other related expenditures of the applicant. Selected applicants can check their SSP Scholarship status by providing stats id and the financial year which he applied.

Amount Given For SSP Scholarship

The selected students will receive a reward anount as the scholarship. The amount would be transferred from the scholarship officials to the applicant via direct benefit transfer or DBT.

The proposed SSP scholarship amount for applicants pursuing M.Phil is INR 8000. Also, the proposed SSP scholarship amount for PhD applicabts is INR 10,000 at the end of their research. This different amount post-matric and pre-matric scholarships can be changed according to the state budget of the year.

What Are The Benefits Of SSP Scholarship?

This scholarship is given by the Government Of Karnataka ever year. The benefits of this scholarship are discussed below;

  • The selected aspirants will receive financial assistance as money, to their respective accounts in the ssp portal via direct debit transfer.
  • This grant scholarship covers the course fees and other related expenditures of the applicant during the education.
  • Each SSP scholarship scheme would make the students financially independent throughout their education.
    Renewal Of SSP Scholarship
  • After spending the scholarship grant for the academic year, there is need to renew the scholarship for the next academic year. The students would apply for renewal by filling the renewal form online in their portal. The criteria for the scholarship renewal is according to the applicants academic performance in the previous academic year.

Terms and Conditions Of SSP Scholarship

  • Applicants must apply according to the dates of application to avoid rejection.
  • The officials release a notification for the scholarship specifying the details of the same. The students must check the notification to apply for the scholarship.
  • Incorrect, incomplete, or false details in the application form will lead to disqualification of the aspirant without negotiation.
  • The scholarship officials consider the financial income of the family of the applicant before giving the scholarship.
  • The grant amount will vary for each class and level of higher education according to the state budget.
  • The officials will not accept any type of application the deadline.

Contact Details

For any questions, issues, or query, contact

  • For all scholarship programs under the Social Welfare Department: Helpline Number: 9008400010/ 9008400078
  • For all scholarships under the Backward Classes Welfare Department: Helpline Number: 080-22374836/ 8050770005
  • For all scholarships under the Minorities Welfare Department: Helpline Number: 080-22535931
  • For all scholarships under the Tribal Welfare Department: Helpline Number: 080-22261789

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I apply for the SSP scholarship offline?

Ans: No, aspiring applicants need to apply for the SSP scholarships via the online process.

Q2. Can class 12 students apply for the pre-matric scholarship?

Ans: No, students up to class 10 can not apply for the pre-matric scholarship.

Q3. What is the minimum qualification required to apply for the post-matric scholarship?

Ans: Aspirants must have passed class 11 to apply for the post-matric scholarship.

Q4. How do I check my SSP scholarship status?

Ans: Candidates can check the SSP scholarship status by logging into the account using SATS ID.

Q5. How can I register for an SSP scholarship?

Ans: Aspirants can register for the SSP scholarships through the application portal by creating login id and password.

Q6. Do I need to e-attest the documents before submission?

Ans: Yes, aspirants applying for post-matric scholarship need to e-attest the documents for submission.

Q7. What is the post-matric scholarship?

Ans: Post-matric scholarship provides financial assistance to economically backward students from class 11 to PhD.

Q8. Is the scholarship available only for the students of Karnataka?

Ans: Yes, only the aspirants with the domicile of Karnataka can apply for the scholarship provided they fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Q9. How can I get the SATS ID?

Ans: Aspirants can get the SATS ID from the home page of SATS by providing name, date of birth, and school name.

Q10. Can I track my application for the scholarship?

Ans: Yes, aspirants can track their scholarship application through the State scholarship Portal.

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